Reflecting feelings in your creation

Through the process of work in my studio, one of the things I like to add in addition to materials (glass, silver etc.) is a reflection of a FEELING into my creation. Sometimes it’s hard to describe this feeling in words. This time the inspirational feeling is originated by this couple. This lightness they have, […]

Thoughts about how a challenge drives creativity

I keep getting amazed at how much the need to solve a challenge gets creativity out of me… Do you feel the same sometimes? One challenge that I had lately, is how to approach with my art and make it fun for girls that are getting one of my jewelries as a gift. A delicate […]

About brainstorming and inspiration, for the coming holidays

My collection is expending! And one of the major contributors for this is YOU, customers The discussions with YOU in my art fair, over the phone, on my social network and on my web site are truly inspiring! YOU come from California, Italy, China, Spain, Japan, Canada, France, Australia, South Africa, and Israel. See below […]

It’s all about proportions:)

In life and in my designs as well, it’s all about proportions. I love playing with proportions. it makes me smile and I keep reminding myself, to play with proportions in life as well. things can be easier this way.

Be yourself

Some women like to wear their own figure, some like to wear the one they wish to be. The best time in my studio is when a woman comes and says she can imagine all the tiny images on my desk are really alive and create tiny stories. I can also see their stories.