Thoughts about how a challenge drives creativity

Racheli Lila

Racheli Lila

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I keep getting amazed at how much the need to solve a challenge gets creativity out of me… Do you feel the same sometimes?

One challenge that I had lately, is how to approach with my art and make it fun for girls that are getting one of my jewelries as a gift. A delicate hand-crafted piece of art may sometimes be a challenge for girls to connect at first.


One day, an idea came up when I was talking to one of my own girls. She was relating to one of my necklaces of an athlete girl figure as if it was a doll, suggesting we make a bed for her and let her rest. From there is was only a short while till I figured it out! The jewelry box will become a small doll-house, so that at night you can put the necklace/earrings/bracelet (the doll) to sleep in her tiny room.

So, I started to design different doll-houses, and apparently this is super fun.

Girls can now choose their box out of several designs.

Now, my biggest surprise was… Women purchasing my jewelry and seeing these “doll houses” are also getting excited and asking if they can get one… I must say this gives me even greater pleasure! 🙂

You can see my “doll house: jewelry boxes at Nahalat Binyamin Art fair every Tuesday and Friday, and soon also on my web page!

Would love to hear your comments and feedback!



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