About brainstorming and inspiration, for the coming holidays

My collection is expending!

And one of the major contributors for this is YOU, customers

The discussions with YOU in my art fair, over the phone, on my social network and on my web site are truly inspiring!

YOU come from California, Italy, China, Spain, Japan, Canada, France, Australia, South Africa, and Israel. See below

YOU are my special customers, who look for something special, and ask if I can do it. And… many times I can And sometimes it becomes a new collection.

So, for all of YOU my special customers, I have all the below and more, and now on Huge SALE for BLACK Friday –

My personalized necklaces - https://rachelilila.com/product-category/personalized-necklaces/

My children portrait necklaces - https://rachelilila.com/product-category/children-portrait-necklaces/

My “Your story” necklaces - https://rachelilila.com/product-category/wear-your-story/

My garden earrings (for all you nature lovers) - https://rachelilila.com/product-category/earrings/garden-earrings/

My personalized earrings - https://rachelilila.com/product-category/personalized-earrings/